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Class Spotlight: Strength N' Tone

Updated: Apr 28

Are you ready to sculpt your body, build lean muscle, and unleash your inner strength? Hot Phiit's studio in Greenwich and Darien offer a unique "Strength N' Tone" class – a dynamic and empowering workout experience designed to take your workout to new heights with strength training. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to the world of HOT HIIT, this class offers something for everyone, using targeted weighted strength exercises to deliver a comprehensive and effective workout like no other, in just 50 minutes.

What is the "Strength N' Tone" Class?

The "Strength N' Tone" class at Hot Phiit Greenwich is a full-body workout that focuses on building strength, improving endurance, and toning muscles from head to toe. Led by expert instructors in a motivating and supportive environment, this class incorporates a combination of strength training exercises and functional movements, to challenge your body and maximize results. The routine is a dumbbell focused class, using a mix of light and heavy weights. Stretching is also incorporated to tone and lengthen every part of your body. Combined with our FAR Infrared Heat, you’ll get the most unique and effective toning class of your life!

Who is it For?

This class is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Compared to the regular HOT HIIT class, this class offers more strength building routines using dumbbell weights. So, whether you're looking to increase muscle tone, enhance athletic performance, or simply improve overall fitness, the "Strength N' Tone" class offers a scalable and customizable workout experience tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Benefits of the "Strength N Tone" Class:

  1. Increased Strength: Through a variety of resistance exercises and bodyweight movements, this class helps build muscular strength and endurance, enabling you to tackle everyday activities with more power, ease and confidence.

  2. Improved Muscle Definition: By targeting major muscle groups and incorporating both compound and isolation exercises, the "Strength and Tone" class helps sculpt and define your physique, creating lean, toned muscles for a more sculpted appearance.

  3. Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness: With its combination of dumbbell exercises and the FAR Infrared Heat, this class boosts heart health and improves cardiovascular endurance, helping you burn calories, shed fat, and increase overall fitness levels. Sweating during class from the FAR Infrared heating system is also great for your overall health.

  4. Functional Movement Patterns: The exercises included in the "Strength N Tone" class are designed to mimic real-life movements, improving functional strength and mobility for greater ease of movement in daily activities and athletic pursuits.

The "Strength N Tone" class is offered multiple times throughout the week at Hot Phiit Greenwich. Check out our schedule to find a class that fits your schedule. Currently the class is offered at the Greenwich location on:

  • Mondays: 9:30 AM

  • Thursdays: 11:00 AM

  • Fridays: 8:15 AM

  • Saturdays: 9:00AM

Are you ready to unleash your strength and transform your body using HOT HIIT? Join us at Hot Phiit Greenwich for the "Strength N Tone" class and experience the ultimate full-body workout. Whether you're looking to build muscle, burn fat, or simply improve overall fitness, this class offers the perfect combination of challenge and results to help you reach your goals. Visit our website to view our full class schedule and sign up for your next session today!

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